What We Do

AASHA Initiatives

Ways We Are Providing Hope

Here are some tangible ways that AASHA is providing hope to India

Clean Water

Our work in any village starts with building a water plant. It costs around $5000 for a plant that has the capacity of purifying 500 liters of water per hour. The cost covers Plant equipment and a building with metal roof to contain the equipment. This provides clean water to drink entire village.

Widow and Orphan Care

Unfortunately, there are many young widows with very young children in villages. Some of the common causes of men are: snake bites in farming fields, locally made contaminated alcohol, suicides and other health issues. We try to support them through giving something that provides recurring income like: a couple of goats for $100, a sewing machine for $200 and a water buffalo for $500. This would help them to stay home and take care of their children instead of having to go on a daily labor, which is seasonal and unpredictable. 

smiling indian lady in traditional garb looking out a window

Medical Camps

We partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries who have all the medical equipment and doctors volunteering at hand. It enables us to bring in treatment for regular health issues within in the villages for a very low cost of $300. It covers a 3 day camp providing free checkups, x-rays, medicine and eye glasses. Ideally, we like to run these twice a year in every village. We plan our medical camp trips based on the availablity of our volunteer doctors and nurses. If you are a doctor or a nurse and would like to participate in one of our medial camps, please reach out to us.

Education for Girls

Due to cultural and financial reasons, having a girl is considered negative in India. First, it is an issue dowry system: parents have to pay groom's family a big amount as part of giving their daughter into marriage. Second, she is literally given away to become part of the groom's family and dependent on them, not sharing any responsibilities of her birth family going forward. With as little as $10 per month, we can provide a future for these girls by sending them to school and completely change their lives.

Interested In the Mission?

There are a number of ways you can get involved. At the moment, the best way to see how you can take part in the work that is happening in India is to Contact Us. We would love to have a conversation wit  you.